Published: King Ron of the Triceratops!

King Ron of the Triceratops cover
King Ron of the Triceratops cover

Our first book, “King Ron of the Triceratops,” is available for purchase at,, and – to name just the largest outlets.

At a time when many parents are asking themselves how to explain recent political events to their children, “King Ron of the Triceratops” offers one way to ease into the topic.

At face value, it’s a dinosaur story in a children’s book full of colorful illustrations: roars, charges, sharp teeth, horns, and a steadily mounting unease at the paradoxical tension of a T-Rex raised as a Triceratops ruling the herd.

But our King Ron is chosen by the herd.  Our King Ron uses questionable slogans to win the crowd and the crown.  Our King Ron’s slogans have a nasty way of sticking around.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because dinosaur politics aren’t that far from our politics.  We published “King Ron of the Triceratops” because we saw the potential for this story to serve as a fun introduction to civics – at a pace suited to both parents and children.

King Ron of the Triceratops is written by S.S. Paulson and illustrated by Milagros García.

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